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History Display

release time:2017-04-15 Views: The author:天一阁月湖

"The history of Tianyi Pavilion, fragrant display" as the basic display of the Museum of the Tianyi Pavilion, the Tianyi Pavilion historical development as a clue, a comprehensive display of Tianyi Pavilion 445 years of history, revealing the bibliophile library spirit and cultural heritage. Through combing the spatial relations, the single building and the whole environment are combined, and the content of the display is displayed in different stages. The display to showcase the Fan Yu Wu and Dongming cottage, fan's residence, Zunjing Pavilion, 1000 Jin Zhai, Bao library multi-point dispersed show the combination of rich cultural relics are organic series, so that visitors from view, in history, experience the charm of traditional culture in the elegant environment. Take a walk in the cultural relics to visit cultural relics "journey.


Fan Yu Wu is an independent courtyard, a complete history of Tianyi Pavilion here concentrated on display, visitors can clearly understand that Tianyi Pavilion far from the creation of the development of the entire context, visually see important cultural relics and graphic presentation. After careful to take care of a small courtyard, placed a fan clan check beetle statue scene exposure of books, vividly reflects from one side of the fan library management system, but also improves the display theme, create a scholarly atmosphere, to bring visitors interactive fun and knowledge supplement in the open at the same time.


In the van's former residence, designed a set of Fan Qin's son to Fannie and Freddie family's wealth scene: he took out twelve thousand silver and Tianyi Pavilion and books for two choice, the eldest son Fan Dachong accepted a library, two room is accepted taels of silver. A vivid interpretation of the "generation of the books, the book is not strict rules Chuge". And it's the opposite, it is the study scene display, dim light, we can imagine, here, Fan Qin early years of hard work, twenty-six years old is a jinshi. In the age of four official. In the back here in the China cultural history has left a thick and heavy in colours......


From the private to the public pool, Tianyi Pavilion has become a common cultural heritage. How does the collection of books exist now? This is also the curiosity and concern of many visitors. In the north of stacks, visitors can see the ancient Treasury showing real and real demonstration: ancient repair through the glass, see a row of neat bookcase, understand what is "the multitude of classics". In the north of stacks, visitors can visit the environment of cultural relics, protection of ancient books, understand management, research, repair of a series of process, so as to let the audience have a collection of keenly aware of culture. Warehouse itself has a collection function, but also a large showcase, can be described as a combination of practicality and display.


The 445 year old Tianyi Pavilion is one of the oldest private libraries in Asia and one of the world's oldest and largest private libraries in the world. It is one of the world's oldest private libraries in the world. It is also one of the world's oldest private libraries in the world. Strict management system to protect the library, but also blocked many of the footsteps of yearning. Today, the protection of cultural relics is still in the first place, however, with the help of modern technology, "virtual delou" will help visitors easily find what library. The north side has a dedicated library, virtual delou, using virtual digital technology, the treasure house two floor field scene displayed in front of people. Tourists could be manipulated by the direction rod, 360 degree full roaming in the virtual scene, you can watch free from all directions, can also be a detailed study of the virtual indoor space, access to relevant information through the virtual roaming. Visitors can also watch the high-tech production of 3D virtual film technology, which is the core of the treasure house of Tianyi Pavilion, Tianyi Pavilion background, history, and classics of the Tibetan were introduced, so that people in the mysterious elegant atmosphere, enjoy the culture of Tianyi Pavilion legend.



Come out from the virtual building, through the fire channel long, "Tianyi Pavilion" the legendary library finally displayed in front of visitors. In the understanding of the vicissitudes of history, its experience and future business owners with the guardian, after very fruitful relief in extremely hard and bitter modern protection technology, to see the building of the existing private library is the oldest, people can not help but sigh more this miracle of Chinese culture. In the thousands in the library, why only the Tianyi Pavilion through the four hundred years of wind and rain, Chen still standing between the heaven and earth? In perceptual knowledge, rational thinking, the answer has been clear in mind.


Dongming cottage, formerly collection at the Tianyi Pavilion built before Fan Qin, after the reception hall. So here to restore the Ming Dynasty hall living room style, show in the late Ming dynasty literati reception scene;


Zunjing Pavilion, the original Fuxue in Ningbo, the main storage of Confucian classics such as The Four Books and the Five Classics like, the Qing Dynasty, the reconstruction of the Zhong Yan Xie Shanding construction, local community fundraising maintenance during the Republic of China Tianyi Pavilion built this shift. This paper shows a historical change from Tianyi Pavilion to the public possession of tibet;


Thousands of Jin Zhai, the Republic of China architecture, where the main display of modern famous scholar Ma Lian donated more than a thousand jin brick, and many other donors deeds. Mr Ma's donation of the year, open to the public to donate to the original Tianyi Pavilion, this house is also to save the donation of brick built.