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release time:2017-04-15 Views: The author:天一阁月湖

Wang Xizhi (303---361, 321---379, say) words less, Yi, Dan Zhai, a native of Langya, later moved to Kuaiji (Shaoxing), former secretary general, hueiji NEISHI, Lang Ning, the right collar general, called "Wang Youjun", "Wang Huiji", the Jin Dynasty famous calligrapher. The calligraphy works on behalf of "Lanting Pavilion" order, be the most changeful, charm langin, known as "the best in all the land running", Wang Xizhi also won the "book" in the world. The preface of the Lanting Pavilion sequence has already been lost, the biography is very much, there are no more than one thousand scholars.

Ningbo has always been known as the "literature of the state", has a long history and cultural tradition in the art of calligraphy creation, is the famous poets, generation of talented people, and Wang Xizhi and the "Lanting Pavilion" sequence also has deep roots. In four out of the many existing "Lanting Pavilion" preface to the Tianyi Pavilion, especially in Lanting Pavilion as the most hidden dragon. This tablet style Taiwan fiber appropriately, the broken front and spalling traces are a faithful copy, was recognized as the academic community, "the Lanting Pavilion" the order of the Dragon crown.

The first part if the floating clouds, Hidden Dragon Lanting Pavilion Tianyi Pavilion straightening if scared dragon.

(size: length: 101cm, width: 41cm.)

The dragon "Lanting Pavilion sequence", Yuan Dynasty connoisseurs Guo Tianxi (1227-1302) has been identified as the Tang Taizong Feng Chengsu book worship period extension (617-672), Feng Chi G from the "preface" authentic works on Lanting Pavilion. Tianyi Pavilion Lanting Pavilion dragon stone for the Ming Dynasty calligrapher Feng Fang (1492-1563) commissioned according to Feng Chengsu et al. Originally formed as the best version of the dragon, handed down among the extant remaining dragon as a book out of Lanting Pavilion.


The second part of the Siming context, an order of Ningbo and the post - Lanting Pavilion edge

It has been ordered by the Lanting Pavilion.

(size: length: 615cm, width: 25cm.)

Text description:

Yu Shinan (558-638), word Yuyao, Ningbo. The Tang Dynasty to the Secretary of the prison officer, cija Yongxing County, later called the county public, and Professor Yin Guanglu doctor, he donated libushangshu, a famous calligrapher in Tang dynasty. This post has been, remembered: "spirit of co-existence, will begin to write Chinese, worthy of."


Qing - Dong Qichang Lanting Pavilion sequence

(size: length: 76.5 cm, width: 28 cm)

Dong Qichang (1555-1636), the word Xuan slaughter, the number of thinking white, Songjiang, Huating, the Ming Dynasty famous painter. Dong Qichang talent painting and elegance, a heavy sea. This picture of Lanting Pavilion, Qing Jun refined, refined solemn and quiet, although temporary, but not too stiff.



Show - Xianjia soup with Lanting Pavilion sequence

(size: 86 cm, width: 32 cm)

Tang Xianjia (1712 - 1778), the word calyx south, Xin Zhai, the Qing Dynasty famous historian, calligrapher. The soup Xianjia near Lanting Pavilion, Lanting Pavilion to dingwuben for dibon, intended to take Jane away, to save the beautiful color similarity, is known as "the book really samadhi".



Male ---- Sha Menghai in Lanting Pavilion order

(size: length: 84cm, width: 30cm)

Text description:

Sha Menghai (1900-1992), formerly known as Wen Ruo, stone, sand, Huang Village, langsa. The bearing less inscription wind flow, Wu Changshuo guide, calligraphy law Han, in the song dynasty. This post is near Lanting Pavilion, but very personality, always reflect the quaint luxuriant, Shashi style gloomy and imposing.