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Zhuyu Islet

release time:2017-06-15 Views: The author:天一阁月湖

        Zhuyu Islet is located on the southeastern tip of Moon Lake. Drifting clouds reflect themselves in the river, waiting for the showing up of moon. In the Song dynasty, there were houses around here. Great figures having lived here included Lou Yu, one of the “Five Gentlemen of the Qingli Era”, Lou Yi, reclaiming land from Guangde Lake, Lou Shu, the author of the Pictures on Farming and Weaving and Grand Secretariat Lou Yue. Together they are called the Lou Family of the West Lake. In the Song Dynasty, it embraced Lou's family manor, Gonggui Study, Baizui Pavilion, Yangsong Building, Dengfeng Building, Meilu, Wang family's Friendship Hall, Ying family's academy, Changchun Academy and Guifang Bridges for Gao clan and Yang clan. In the Ming Dynasty, there were residences of officer Xu, Mr. Shen, minister Zhang, court recorder Xie, officer Yang and houses of the Zhu’s clan. On the Bamboo Islet were many private gardens in the past, such as the Lu family's Aohua Garden and the Zhang family's Xiao Garden, Xie family's Tianci Garden and Yang family's Xiao Garden. Bamboo Islet is full of interest thanks to the omnipresent bamboo, bamboo corridors and bamboo pavilions.