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Flower Islet

release time:2017-06-15 Views: The author:天一阁月湖

       Flower Islet is the largest one among the four islets in the central lake. The attractive fragrance of flowers captured not only butterflies and also poets who produced the masterpieces among colorful flowers. In the old days, there were Huxin Temple, Shizhou Pavilion, Cangzhou Pavilion, an ancestral hall for a faithful minister Yuan. Later, in the Ming Dynasty, there stood Zhang family's Moon Lake Villa, Baolun Hall. In the Qing Dynasty, these were replaced by Moon Lake Nunnery and Yuan family's mansion. It connects with the Moon Island in the east and the Misty Islet in the west. Between them, there are two bridges built in the Yuanfeng era of the North Song dynasty. They are the Huxin East Bridge and the Huxin West Bridge, the former also known as the Moon Lake Bridge, renovated in the Qianlong era of the Qing dynasty. Flower Islet also saw the construction of Huxin Temple, a Buddhism temple, known as one of the four best temples in Ningbo. The military minister of Ming Dynasty, Zhang Shiche, transformed the temple into the Moon Lake Villa and Baolun Hall. Moon Lake Nunnery was built in the remains of Baolun Hall. Today, some of the works from a Japanese painting savage are displayed. The well-known painting, Double Swallows, composed by Wu Guanzhong is based on the Yuan’s Former Residence, which has now become Ningbo Tea Culture Museum.