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Moon Island

release time:2017-06-15 Views: The author:天一阁月湖

       Moon Islet is situated between Chrysanthemum Islet and Zhuyu Islet in the eastern bank of Moon lake. It is endowed with soft moonlight and is beside the rivers. In the past, there were Laojia Bridge, Smelting Workshop, Yongning Street, Huaguoyuan Temple, Xintianyuan Hall, and Jianbei Bridge. Moreover, the Island preserved the Shepherd Generals' Temple. It was built to commemorate the seven shepherd boys killed by Jin soldiers due to their rescue of the then-Prince Kang Zhao Gou who fled to Ningbo. Another building related to Zhaogou is Huaguoyuan Temple which is in honor of general Du Kai. It is also said to worship the Earth God in the gardens of Shi Hao. In the north, it was the former residence of Yang Juting, a famous educator in Ningbo during the period of the Republic of China. Now it has been turned into a Haishu (Moon Lake) Gallery. Moon Islet now includes Wu's Ancestral Temple and Yang Villa and at its north-east is the ginkgo-covered Academicians' Wood.