The Siming, Sanjiang forever, this is an ancient city and Xing due to water. The first year of Tang Changqing (821 years), Ningbo, ancient Wyoming, Hamami E in Sanjiang city after another, boat paddle from seven thousand years of Hemudu Site culture and...
  • Dongming Lodge2017-06-15

    It was the place where Fan Qin (1506-1585) placed his collection of books before the Tianyige Library was constructed. As Dongming was another name by which Fan Qin called himself, he named the lodge “Dongming Lodge”, or “My One Cottage” alternatively. It

  • Fan’s Former Residence2017-06-15

    It was first the east room of the Fan’s Former Residence, and is then the living place of the family descendants. In order to protect the books collected, Fan Qin separated the living quarter from the library with high walls. Today’s Residence was the res

  • The East Garden2017-06-15

    Built in the 1980s, it is the second-generation Tianyige, which presents visitors the traditional layout of the second floor of the Baoshu House in a modern way of display.

  • Tianyige Library2017-06-15

    Alternatively called Baoshu House and constructed around 1561 of the Ming, it was the place where Fan Qin stored his book collection and the oldest existing private library in China. Books are most vulnerable to fire, he said, but water can suppress fire.

  • Mingzhou Stone Tablets2017-06-15

    Here altogether stand 173 stone tablets built from the Tang Dynasty to the Republican period (1912-1949) that record the historical data on official education of ancient Ningbo, the biographical data of past dynasties, and economic data on literary and ar

  • Qianjinzhai (Chamber of Thousand Jins)2017-06-15

    During the time of the Republic of China, a Ningbo scholar called Ma Lian discovered and excavated more than a thousand of bricks baked during the Jin Dynasty (265-420) in the rubble of the old city’s battlements. And he named the building storing the bri

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