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Notes for Visitors

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Dear visitors:
To enjoy a happy tour, you are advised of the following:
1. The Scenic Area advocates civilized behavior, so please do not spit or litter at will; breaches against the law including vandalism, violence and theft are strictly punished.
2. Please look after your old, young or pregnant companions.
3. Please take care of your own belongings while having fun.
4. Please pay attention to the safety alerts and observe the order; do not climb or vault the safety railings; do not enter unopen areas; no hustling, no horseplay and take care on flights.
5. Do not take inflammable and explosive dangerous goods into the scenic area. The Moon Lake Scenic Area prohibits smoking. It also bans use of open fire including barbecues, bonfires, fireworks, etc.
6. Please help protect the scenic area’s resources; vandalism, flower picking and uncivilized behaviors which do harm to water resources like fishing and swimming are strictly banned.
Please take care of your family, your friends and yourselves when traveling at the lakeside; parents with children please pay attention to their safety in case of drawing.
8. Your advice about the travel service is welcomed.
Thanks for cooperation!