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Lotus Islet

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      The Lotus Islet is situated on the northernmost tip of the west bank of the Moon Lake. At the initial appearance of the islets, myriads of red lotuses expanded for miles, which gave the name of “lotus” to the islet. In the Song Dynasty, there embraced Changping Granary, Pingdi Granary and the mansion of minister Shi. In the Ming Dynasty, it was successively transformed to the residences of Wen Tianguan, minister Li, governor Li, assistant minister Fan, minister Yang and Officer Huang. Tianyige was also built during this period. Minister Shi Mansion was for the Minister Shi Miiyuan in the Southern Song Dynasty who was the third son of Shi Hao and was in power for 26 years. Standing by the west bank of Moon Lake for more than 450 years, Tianyige is one of the oldest private libraries that is still well preserved. Abundant with Ming architecture, Lotus Islet is famous for Tianyige, Shuibei Pavilion, Baojing Hall, Qin Clan Hall and Chen Clan Hall.