Tianyi Pavilion, Lake scenic area, north to Zhongshan Road, West River, east of the town of Beidou Ming Road, South to three street, a total area of nearly 1km -. Including the history of the famous Lake Chau, covers the land area of water and the most important Tianyi Pavilion and Lake area, is the historical and cultural information distribution, the most obvious characteristics of regional....
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  • Mingzhou Stone Tablets2017-05-03

    Here altogether stand 173 stone tablets built from the Tang Dynasty to the Republican period (1912-1949) that record the historical data on official education of ancient Ningbo, the biographical data of past dynasties, and economic data on literary and ar

  • Qianjinzhai (Chamber of Thousand Jins)2017-05-03

    During the time of the Republic of China, a Ningbo scholar called Ma Lian discovered and excavated more than a thousand of bricks baked during the Jin Dynasty (265-420) in the rubble of the old city’s battlements. And he named the building storing the bri

  • Zunjing Pavilion2017-05-03

    As China is a country long favoring the study of Confucian classics, every province, prefecture and county builds Zunjing Pavilion to house Confucian classics. The Pavilion, which used to be inside the governor’s house, is an architecture with gable and h

  • Dongyuan (East Garden)2017-05-03

    To the southeast of the Tianyige is the Dongyuan, which covers a total area of 6,000 m2.The Garden began to take shape after decades of land clearance, tree planting and garden decoration. In 1974, the collected 69 stone tablets were inserted into the enc