Tianyi Pavilion, Lake scenic area, north to Zhongshan Road, West River, east of the town of Beidou Ming Road, South to three street, a total area of nearly 1km -. Including the history of the famous Lake Chau, covers the land area of water and the most important Tianyi Pavilion and Lake area, is the historical and cultural information distribution, the most obvious characteristics of regional....
Latest Activity
  • Qin’s Ancestral Temple2017-05-03

    Costing 200,000 silver ingots, the Temple was built by the Qin Family to sacrifice their ancestors between 1923 and 1925.Covering a total area of 0.17 hectare, of which the construction area reaching 2,000 m2, it also blends several types of folk craftsma

  • Zhuangyuan Hall2017-05-03

    The Hall used to be the reception room of Zhang Yun, Ningbo’s last champion in the final imperial examination in the second year of Emperor Xianfeng, the Qing Dynasty (i.e. 1852). As the largest and best among Ningbo’s ancient reception rooms, it was move

  • Lotus Islet2017-05-03

    The Lotus Islet is situated on the northernmost tip of the west bank of the Moon Lake. At the initial appearance of the islets, myriads of red lotuses expanded for miles, which gave the name of “lotus” to the islet. In the Song Dynasty, there embraced Cha

  • Chrysanthemum Islet2017-05-03

    Chrysanthemum Islet is located on the northernmost tip of the eastern bank of Moon Lake. In ancient times, the islet was imbued with the aroma of chrysanthemum. Especially in rainy