Tianyi Pavilion, Lake scenic area, north to Zhongshan Road, West River, east of the town of Beidou Ming Road, South to three street, a total area of nearly 1km -. Including the history of the famous Lake Chau, covers the land area of water and the most important Tianyi Pavilion and Lake area, is the historical and cultural information distribution, the most obvious characteristics of regional....
Latest Activity
  • Shuibei Pavilion2017-05-03

    The Pavilion used to be the third library of Xu Shidong(1814-1873),a scholar of the late Qing Dynasty, and was later shifted here. Xu Shidong, whose another two names were Dingyu and Liuquan, had been an avid reader and book collector since an early age.

  • Nanyuan (South Garden)2017-05-03

    To the south of Tianyige is the 3400-square-metre South Garden. With water as its theme, the Garden boasts shimmering water and exquisitely shaped rocks. With beautiful landscape and elegantly shaped buildings, it provides people a feeling of leisure and

  • Mahjong Museum2017-05-03

    Epitomizing Chinese culture of gambling, mahjong is formed by Madiao tiles, dices and 32 Xuanhe tiles of the Song Dynasty (960-1276), with its development and spreading closely related to Ningbo. The tributary ancestral house of Chen Zhengyue, the invento

  • Huajiaoting (Bridal Sedan Chair Hall)2017-05-03

    Ningbo huajiao(bridal sedan chair) is also named wangongjiao, renowned for its exquisite craftsmanship. The huajiao in display is incredible with its fine openwork wooden carving, golden paint and gorgeous flower decoration. Rumor has it that in the South