Tianyi Pavilion, Lake scenic area, north to Zhongshan Road, West River, east of the town of Beidou Ming Road, South to three street, a total area of nearly 1km -. Including the history of the famous Lake Chau, covers the land area of water and the most important Tianyi Pavilion and Lake area, is the historical and cultural information distribution, the most obvious characteristics of regional....
Latest Activity
  • Buddhist Lodge2017-05-03

    Buddhist Lodge.Built in the Qing Dynasty, it is now a cultural site protected at the district level. Facing south, the Lodge contains the Maitreya Hall, the Main Hall, the Triple Saints’ Hall, the Hall of Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva, the Hall of Universal Und

  • Guandi Temple2017-05-03

    Temple of Guanyu. It is an architecture built in the Qing Dynasty, and is now a cultural site under district level protection. The building was constructed in 1630 and restored during the reign of Emperor Kangxi (1662-1722). Comprised of the temple gate,

  • Temple of He Zhizhang2017-05-03

    Temple of He Zhizhang. It is a building constructed in the Qing Dynasty in memory of He Zhizhang, a famous poet in the Tang Dynasty, and is now a cultural site protected at the district level. In 1144, Mo Jiang, then governor of Ningbo, built the Junlaota

  • Yang’s Former Residence2017-05-03

    Yang’s Former Residence. Built in the period of the Republic of China, it is a cultural site protected at the municipal level. Facing south, the Residence is comprised of a front gate, an entrance hall, a main building, and wing-rooms. It was the former r