Tianyi Pavilion, Lake scenic area, north to Zhongshan Road, West River, east of the town of Beidou Ming Road, South to three street, a total area of nearly 1km -. Including the history of the famous Lake Chau, covers the land area of water and the most important Tianyi Pavilion and Lake area, is the historical and cultural information distribution, the most obvious characteristics of regional....
Latest Activity
  • Yintaidi Mansion2017-05-03

    Yintaidi Mansion, a city-level cultural relics protection unit, now turned into Yintaidi Mansion Museum. Constructed in 1,823 of the Qing Dynasty, the south-facing Yintaidi Residence covers an area of some 2000 m2. It consists of three rows, inclusive of

  • Fan’s Former Residence2017-05-03

    Fan’s Residence, a district-level cultural relic unit, is the largest residence complex of the Ming Dynasty which is well preserved in Ningbo, covering 2442 m2. It was built by Fan Yi, one of the 17th generation descendants of Fan Zhongyan. On the north-s

  • Dafangyuedi Mansion2017-05-03

    Dafangyuedi Mansion. It is a building constructed in the Ming Dynasty, and is now a district-level cultural relics protection unit. The Mansion is composed by front arch, front lobby, middle hall, back building and wing-rooms on the east and west. It use

  • Baokui Temple (Exhibition Hall of Ningbo-Korea Exchange History)2017-05-03

    Baokui Temple (Exhibition Hall of Ningbo-Korea Exchange History). In 1117, Lou Yi, magistrate of Mingzhou (now Ningbo) established the Korean embassy in accordance with Emperor Huizhongs edict. The embassy was located at the Chrysanthemum Islet of the Moo