The Siming, Sanjiang forever, this is an ancient city and Xing due to water. The first year of Tang Changqing (821 years), Ningbo, ancient Wyoming, Hamami E in Sanjiang city after another, boat paddle from seven thousand years of Hemudu Site culture and...
  • Misty Islet2017-06-15

    Misty Islet is situated on the southwestern tip of Moon Lake. Initially, it was the gathering place for the fishermen. In the late Northern Song dynasty, when Shu Dan, supervisor of the Longtu Pavilion, returned home in glory, he built a manor here where

  • Xueting2017-06-15

    Snow Islet is between Lotus Islet and Misty Islet. In the Song Dynasty, the islet was for Guanyin Temple, Sixiu Hall, Plum Wall. People in the Ming Dynasty built Guanyin Granary, Supervisor Zhous mansion, Jianjia Pavilion, which were shadowed by Moon Lake

  • Zhuzhou Islet2017-06-15

    Zhuzhou Islet lies at the southernmost tip of the four islets in the center of the lake. A great deal of green bamboo invest the place with an air of antiquity and transcendence. The initial name of it was Pine Islet. It was not until Minister Shi Hao of

  • Yintaidi Mansion2017-06-15

    Yintaidi Mansion, a city-level cultural relics protection unit, now turned into Yintaidi Mansion Museum. Constructed in 1,823 of the Qing Dynasty, the south-facing Yintaidi Residence covers an area of some 2000 m2. It consists of three rows, inclusive of

  • Fan’s Former Residence2017-06-15

    Fan’s Residence, a district-level cultural relic unit, is the largest residence complex of the Ming Dynasty which is well preserved in Ningbo, covering 2442 m2. It was built by Fan Yi, one of the 17th generation descendants of Fan Zhongyan. On the north-s

  • Dafangyuedi Mansion2017-06-15

    Dafangyuedi Mansion. It is a building constructed in the Ming Dynasty, and is now a district-level cultural relics protection unit. The Mansion is composed by front arch, front lobby, middle hall, back building and wing-rooms on the east and west. It use