The Siming, Sanjiang forever, this is an ancient city and Xing due to water. The first year of Tang Changqing (821 years), Ningbo, ancient Wyoming, Hamami E in Sanjiang city after another, boat paddle from seven thousand years of Hemudu Site culture and...
  • Chrysanthemum Islet2017-06-15

    Chrysanthemum Islet is located on the northernmost tip of the eastern bank of Moon Lake. In ancient times, the islet was imbued with the aroma of chrysanthemum. Especially in rainy

  • Green Grass Islet2017-06-15

    Green Grass Islet is at the end of the north compared with the other three islets. The origin of its name can be found in the flourishing green grass in spring. In the Song Dynasty, there stood Bizhi Pavilion, villa of Shi Shouzhi, Yangcihu Private School

  • Willow Islet2017-06-15

    The first scenic spot in Moon Lake is Willow Islet. In 1021, Monk Yunzhen built two bridges over Willow Islet which are now called Ludian Bridge and Shangshu bridge.Later, governor Qian improved water channel and river banks, had the trees and flowers pla

  • Moon Island2017-06-15

    Moon Islet is situated between Chrysanthemum Islet and Zhuyu Islet in the eastern bank of Moon lake. It is endowed with soft moonlight and is beside the rivers. In the past, there were Laojia Bridge, Smelting Workshop, Yongning Street, Huaguoyuan Temple,

  • Flower Islet2017-06-15

    Flower Islet is the largest one among the four islets in the central lake. The attractive fragrance of flowers captured not only butterflies and also poets who produced the masterpieces among colorful flowers. In the old days, there were Huxin Temple, Shi

  • Zhuyu Islet2017-06-15

    Zhuyu Islet is located on the southeastern tip of Moon Lake. Drifting clouds reflect themselves in the river, waiting for the showing up of moon. In the Song dynasty, there were houses around here. Great figures having lived here included Lou Yu, one of t

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